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Costa Rica Packet

When preparing the displays for the Maritime Museum in Castle Cornet considerable research was undertaken into the life of William Le Lacheur.

Initially the results of that research were presented as a separate website in 2003 but this was later incorporated into the museum's own site. The principal primary resources gathered were the crew lists and logs for the Le Lacheur ships, copies of which were obtained from the holding archive in Canada. The manuscript copies were then carefully deciphered and typed in transcript, so they could be made available to interested parties. The crew lists have particular relevance to family historians while the logs are also of interest to students of maritime and commercial history.

VIEW CREW LISTS & SHIPS LOGS - These documents are available in PDF format


Images of the Le Lacheur ships, mostly from our own collections are shown in the gallery below. Not all of his ship are represented, so we would be happy to receive the offer of digital images of those missing, particularly America, Costa Rica, Sir Thomas Mansell, Esperanza, Irazu and Republic.

  • Herradura (ship)
  • Minerva (schooner)
  • Monarch (barque)
  • Nicoya (clipper)
  • Times (barquentine)
  • William Le Lacheur (ship photo)
  • William Le Lacheur (ship)
  • World Trade Map
  • Barranca (ship)
  • Barranca (ship), image in wool