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22 September - 31 December: ENGAGE WARP DRIVE & Chris Foss

AT-AT walker from Empire Strikes Back

A journey through science fiction!

From Dan Dare to Star Wars, from B-Movies to Block Busters. Come and see how Science Fiction has entertained children and adults alike over the last 60 years.  ENGAGE WARP DRIVE is an exciting, colourful and eclectic exhibition of movie props and replicas, film posters, toys, comics, magazines, books, collectibles, models, games, moving images and sound.

Running alongside ENGAGE WARP DRIVE, there is also an exhibition by the Guernsey born sci-fi artist Chris Foss in the Greenhouse Gallery.

Foss has been a leading and celebrated artist of this genre since the 1970s.  With battle-weary spacecraft, dramatic alien landscapes and crumbling brutalist architecture, Foss' work is instantly recognisable.  For more information click here.

*Both exhibitions are free to enter with your Discovery Pass!*

Check opening times and entrance prices at Candie.