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Guernsey Museum closure during July

Victor Hugo Statue - Candie Gardens

Guernsey Museum will be closed for a week from Monday 4th July to Sunday 10th July 2022.

The whole Museum will be closed from 4th July - 10th July, although the Café and shop will remain open. It will then reopen in phases.

The permanent galleries will be open again from 11th July and the Discovery Room from the 26th July.

The closure will allow essential preparatory work for new air handling equipment to be installed, which in turn will allow the Museum to host exhibitions which require very specific environmental conditions, such as high value artworks. The opportunity to host Renoir 2023, is one such example.

While the closure does come at an unfortunate time, the work will improve the facilities in the long term by giving greater control of both the temperature and humidity in the Brian White and Greenhouse galleries.

Helen Glencross, Head of Heritage Services, Culture & Heritage, said:

"We need to close the entire museum for a week next month to allow the bulk of the work to be carried out. The temporary galleries will remain closed for a further two weeks, however that should only have a limited effect. We know the timing isn't the best, but the improved equipment will present us with some really exciting opportunities, so we want to seize the chance while we have it.

"We would of course encourage visitors and islanders alike to take the opportunity to visit some of our other attractions while the museum is shut. Castle Cornet and Fort Grey will be open, as will the German Naval Signals Museum which is a short walk from Candie and a great experience for people that haven't been before."

The temporary galleries will reopen with 'A Journey to the End' by Chris Simcox on the 1st August and 'The People's Collection' exhibition on Monday 8th August.

The work has been funded through the States of Guernsey Minor Capital budget.

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