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Museum Pass for Bailiwick teachers

Discovery Room

Teachers in the Bailiwick are eligible to have a Museum Pass from Guernsey Museums.  This pass will admit only the named teacher to the following of our sites:

1.      Castle Cornet

2.      Guernsey Museum at Candie

3.      Fort Grey

4.      German Naval Signals HQ

The purpose of the Museum Pass is to allow free entry so you can keep up to date with exhibitions, carry out pre-visits and perform risk assessments.  A Museum Pass does not extend to Teaching Assistants, Admin staff or any other school staff: it is just those who are employed as Teachers. If any other staff require access for conducting risk assessments or pre-visits, they just need to contact us beforehand and that's no problem.  To sign up for a Teachers Pass, please email or call 747264 and leave a message with your name and school.  When you have a Teachers Pass, please do not pass it to others to use.  You may be asked for ID at any of our sites.  

A Discovery Pass is different.  This is £18 per year (for all sites above) but also includes access for any under 18s you bring with you.  We always recommend this Pass to teachers with children of their own, as it's the better deal.  With a Discovery Pass you also have discounts in the shop.  To buy a Discovery Pass, please visit any of our sites above during opening hours (except German Naval Signals HQ. DPs from Fort Grey are sold at Guernsey Pearl over the road).