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Please find below some Guernsey folklore stories to download.  They are:

1 The Fairies' Bat

2 Pierre Dumont & Le Ptit Colin

3 De Garis Family & the Pouques

4 Fairy Changeling Baby

5 La Coin de la Biche

6 Madame Mahy & the Cat

7 Spirits of the Long Dead - the Conger Eel

8 The Devil's Hoofprint

9 The Fairies' Gallows

10 The Fairy Invasion of Guernsey

11 The Witch's Story

12 The Pouque Bakers

13 West Coast Wizard


Other resources include:

* A visit to the Folklore Gallery at Guernsey Museum

* 'Folklore of Guernsey' by Marie de Garis.  This is the most extensive and accessible book on the subject. It is aimed at children but is a good starting point for adults.