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Guernsey & RMS Titanic (1912)

RMS Titanic struck an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on 15 April 1912.  Over 1,500 lives were lost and the tragedy remains one of the worst maritime disasters in history. There were 19 passengers onboard who had a Guernsey connection and only five survived.

Guernsey at that time was an extremely close-knit community and most of the passengers knew each other.  Please find below the graphic from an exhibition in 2012, which illustrates these relationships.

For schools studying the Titanic, we usually recommend:

- A visit to see the Titanic plaque in St Peter Port.

- A hosted session by us about the connections of the Guernsey people onboard.

- We have a box of replica artefacts and items to do with the Titanic and this available to borrow from us.

- For more detailed information please consult Titanic: The Channel Island Connections by Alasdair Crosby.

To book a session or for more information, contact us on