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A Journey Into The Hidden Natural World

1. Small marine anemone.

2 July - 27 September

Few people take the time to appreciate that there is another world around us. A world under our very feet, in every drop of water or pinch of sand. Wonders too small for us to see. Only with the use of microscopes can this hidden world be revealed in all its glory. Creatures and structures of extraordinary beauty and vibrant colour are just waiting to discovered.

The photographer behind this incredible work is Michael Crutchley.  His passion is photomicrography - the study and photography of the natural world using microscopes. Over his career he has built up a wealth of experience and skill. He has developed new optical and technical systems to enhance the hidden detail and beauty within the microscopic natural world. Michael has been able to significantly improve on the quality of existing micrographic images and has won numerous national awards for his work.

Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery is delighted to host an exhibition of Michael's stunning, full-colour images. His work reveals exquisite design in the natural world that few people get the privilege to see. Visitors will marvel at exotic organisms and extraordinary structures in both the aquatic and terrestrial worlds.

Please find below a digital guide to the exhibition.  A note on the captions for the images below:  if you hover over each image, you will see a concise caption.  To see the full caption, please open the 'captions' document below.  The images are numbered to make them easier to locate.  

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  • 2. Crustacean and Filter Feeders
  • 3. Butterfly wing
  • 4. Cushion starfish
  • 5. Single-celled Algae
  • 6. Flatworm
  • 7. Foraminifera
  • 8. Hydra & Flatworm
  • 9. Obelia Hyrdroid
  • 10. Limpet Radula
  • 11. Marine Ragworm
  • 12. Medusa
  • 13. Pilobolus fungi
  • 14. Plankton and Plastic Pollution
  • 15. Marine Diatoms
  • 16. Polychaete Worm Head
  • 17. Radiolaria Barbados
  • 18. Snail Eggs
  • 19. Moth Wing Trachea
  • 20. Snakelock Anemone
  • 21. Sponge Spicules
  • 22. Medusa
  • 23. Seasquirt
  • 24. Wasphead
  • 25. Sea Anemone
  • 26. Nudibranch
  • 27. Vitamin C Crystals