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Guernsey Language

Bian v'nus!

Guernsey has its own language, known as Guernesiais. It rare to hear it spoken today, as possibly as few as 200 people are still fluent, but it was in common use before the Second World War. Guernsey names can still be seen on street signs, and Guernesiais phrases can be found on restaurant menus and tourist souvenirs. Volunteers and language enthusiasts strive to keep the language alive with lessons in schools, evening classes, pieces in the newspaper and special programmes on local radio. A Guernsey French Eisteddfod is held annually, along with other cultural events.

Some Guernesias Phrases

Bian v'nus - Welcome
Coume tchi que l'affaire va? - How are things going?
Énn amas bian merci - Very well thank you.
Quaï temps qu'i fait? - What's the weather like?
I fait caoud ogniet. - It's warm today.
A la perchoïne! - Until next time!