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Planning & booking school visits

Please book all Education visits - including self-hosted ones - through the Access & Learning Manager on 01481 747264 or  

 If it is your first visit, please contact us and we will advise on the most suitable venue and services. If you are visiting from outside the Bailiwick (Guernsey, Herm, Sark or Alderney), please scroll down this page.

Guernsey Museums are:

  • Castle Cornet
  • Guernsey Museum at Candie
  • Fort Grey Shipwreck Museum

Frequently Asked Questions about Educational and Group visits

How much does it cost?
There is no entrance charge for pre-booked Bailiwick schools, charities, youth groups and organisations. There is a charge for non-Bailiwick groups. All teaching staff - including teaching assistants - in Guernsey, Sark, Alderney and Herm can also visit the Museums anytime for free with their Education Pass (please get in touch if you don't have one).

What sort of sessions do you do?
Please select our 'take-away menu' to see what's available to local schools and groups. Please note that we do respond to demand so get in touch if there's something we might be able to help with.

Do I have to visit before I come with my class?
We strongly recommend that you do. You can familiarise yourself with the layout and plan questions, activities or worksheets, if you wish.

How long does a visit last?
This will depend on class size, theme of visit and age of the children. Please contact the Access & Learning Manager to discuss options.

How many adults do I have to bring with me?
The minimum ratio of adults to children that we recommend is:
1:10 for Key Stage 1
1:15 for Key Stage 2 and 3
For outside activities we recommend 1:7.

Are there worksheets available for my visit?
Yes, we have a variety of activity sheets and quizzes. You are also welcome to make your own. If you wish the Museum to supply clipboards and pencils, please arrange in advance.

What about behaviour?
Members of the school's teaching staff are expected to manage behaviour during all trips, including guided tours and handling sessions. Members of the Museum staff will intervene if they feel it is necessary.

What about risk assessments?
These are available from the Access & Learning Manager.

What about if I want to visit another non-paying site, like Vale Castle or Déhus Dolmen?
Great! Guernsey Museums manage over 70 historic sites and they can inspire many learning opportunities. These venues do not need to be booked beforehand but if you let us know, we can ensure the place is tidy before you arrive. Please ensure that students visiting any outdoor Historic sites have suitable shoes and outerwear.

Non-Bailiwick groups
If you are visiting from Jersey, France, England or further afield, there is a reduced entrance charge. Students are charged but, for every 8 students, 1 adult is admitted free of charge (although this depends on the age of the children, please enquire).. Any remaining adults are charged at the normal adult rate. If you are visiting Castle Cornet, please read the guidelines sent to you, once your booking is confirmed. Safety is paramount.