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2013 - The Sixties Are Back!

2013 - 60s Are Back Logo

Join us in a celebration of the Swinging Sixties

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Beatles performing at the Candie Auditorium, Guernsey Museum celebrated the music, clothes, lifestyle and local stories from the swinging sixties.

In the foyer of the Museum visitors saw original photographs of the Beatles' Candie concert as well as experienced the sights and sounds of the Beatles and their iconic music. Photographer Fiona Adams photographed the Beatles on several occasions during the 1960s and some of the original publications she contributed to were on display. An audio recording of her experiences photographing the Beatles is an intriguing insight that should not be missed. A small selection of Beatles-related objects completed this fascinating display.

In tandem with the Beatles' display a major exhibition has been created which chronicled the 1960s as a whole. At the heart of the exhibition was a 10-year timeline that featured local, national and international events. This was coupled with displays on key aspects of the decade, like fashion, film, entertainment, cars, advertising, music and much more. The exhibition featured some fascinating original objects including clothing, furniture, electrical goods and some items of 'iconic' '60s design. The whole exhibition was off-set by colourful backdrops inspired by the 'psychedelic' style of the '60s. Visitors were also able to listen to selected music from the decade as well as from specific original albums. Original home cine-film from the Museum's archives was used to create a fascinating insight into how the island looked during the decade. Visitors could also watch an original film-tour of the island which was shot in 1963.

It was Groovy Baby - Yeah!

Exhibition dates: Sat 25 May to Sun 3 November 2013

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