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Viking film season

Viking Film Season poster

17 Sep - 19 Nov

We are delighted to introduce a series of Viking films to accompany the exhibition Heroes of the Viking World.

The price is £5 a ticket.  The films start at 7pm but the Museum doors open at 6.30pm, to allow an optional visit to the exhibition beforehand.

Book your tickets here with Guernsey Tickets. 

The films are:


Friday 17 September:  The Vikings (1958) Cert. PG

A classic swashbuckling epic. This is a story of Viking half-brothers Einar and Eric and their tempestuous relationship. Set against a backdrop of violent Viking raids and warfare this is a thrilling tale of changing allegiances and tested loyalties. The brothers fall in love with the same woman leading to an inevitable and bitter showdown. Only one can survive. 


Friday 24 September:  The Island At The Top Of The World (1974)  Cert. U

After the disappearance of his son on a whaling expedition in the far Artic, a British millionaire launches an expedition in an airship to find him. Set in 1907, the group discovers an uncharted island where a lost civilisation of Norsemen have survived for centuries. An adventure ensues in which the group must battle not only the Vikings but the elements and nature itself in order to try and survive and make good their escape. 


Friday 1 October:  Erik The Viking (1989)  Cert. 12

Young Viking Erik leads a band of Norse warriors on an epic journey to Valhalla. There they must petition the gods to end Ragnarok which threatens to destroy the world as they know it. Battling against seemingly insurmountable odds this irreverent comedy journeys through Norse mythology as the motley band are faced with petulant gods, monstrous dragons, evil chieftans, betrayal and all-round strangeness. 


Friday 8 October:  The 13th Warrior (1999)  Cert. 15

Ahmad ibn Fadlan, an Arabian court poet in 10th-century Baghdad, is exiled to the wild and savage Volga region of ancient Europe where he has his first encounter with Norsemen. This educated and civilised man unwittingly becomes embroiled in a brutal quest to face an ancient enemy far to the north that threatens the Viking kingdom. 


Friday 15 October:  Beowulf (2007)  Cert. 12A

Based on the 10th-century epic poem, the film centres around the exploits of Norse hero Beowulf. With Denmark terrorized by the hideous monster Grendel, Beowulf must vanquish the creature. However, he must also face Grendel's mother whose supernatural powers he must also overcome. His efforts eventually come back to haunt him with tragic consequences.


Friday 22 October: Vahalla Rising (2009)  Cert. 15

A captured Norse warrior is forced to fight for the entertainment of his captors. When he escapes he joins a group of Christian warriors seeking the Holy Land. On the journey they are forced into a mysterious land where they must face a savage enemy with terrible and bloody consequences.


Friday 29 October:  How To Train Your Dragon (2010)  Cert. PG

Born into a world where dragons are hunted and despised, a hapless young Viking becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon. The pair discover they have more in common than they first realise. They must stand together to weather the wrath of the Viking people and then find the strength to protect them from utter annihilation. 


Friday 12 November:  Thor (Marvel, 2011)  Cert. 12A

Thor, God of Thunder, impulsive and arrogant and unfit to rule the world of Asgard is cast out and falls to Earth. Deceived by his brother Loki, the God of Mischief, he believes his father Odin to be dead. When Loki's vengence follows him to Earth, Thor must find the strength to protect the weak from his brother's anger. Is he willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? 


Friday 19 November:  Thor Ragnarok (Marvel, 2017)  Cert. 12A

Thor, God of Thunder, is marooned on the planet Sakaar where he must fight for his very survival. He is plunged into a race against time to return to his home world of Asgard and save its people from destruction by the vengeful Hela, Goddess of Death.