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Rona Cole Art Gallery


This gallery opened in spring 2012 and is named after Helen Rona Cole, the first Director of Guernsey Museum. It is the first gallery at the museum to be dedicated to a permanent display of artworks.

Here you can view some 200 of the Museum's key artworks. These include William Toplis' Venus Pool and Peter Le Vasseur's Tree of Life selected by island residents as 'The People's Choice'. Pride of place is given to a Rodin bust of Victor Hugo. Other artists include the artist and writer Mervyn Peake, and the Sci-Fi visionary Chris Foss. Over your head you will see the installation Under Surveillance by Eric Snell. The final artwork in the gallery will be the only one which will change, as it displays the very latest artwork to be created within our collection.

The fifty or so works on the gallery walls are arranged to follow a time-line based on the history of the Bailiwick and the development of art, from its beginnings in prehistory through to the post-modernist art of today.

Within the new gallery there are also pull-out drawers where light sensitive works on paper by artists such as Caparne, Le Lievre and Naftel, are made accessible on a semi-permanent basis for the very first time.

A list of artists whose work is on display can be found here.

  • Ann de lisle de Beauvoir
  • Hugo Bust by Rodin
  • Golden Spur
  • Lady with hat - Marion Saumarez
  • Careening Hard - Brewster
  • Fermain Bay - Brett
  • Castle from Fermain - Henderson
  • GMAG-Rona-Cole-Gallery
  • SPP-oil-LeLievre
  • LeVasseur-TreeofLife