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Artwork of the Month


Every month the Museum highlights a different piece as its 'Artwork of the Month'. The purpose of this programme is to allow visitors free access to focus on the details surrounding one particular artwork.

Very often we dash around museums and galleries trying to take everything in, when in-fact we may get more out of our visit by just concentrating on a few works at a time.

Each month the chosen artwork helps us to focus on a different aspect of art or art history, as a single piece of art can hold many stories. These stories could relate to a particular artist, genre, decade, artistic movement, etc. The options are vast.

Within this programme we also occasionally exhibit the work of local or locally based artists and students, which provide us with an opportunity to show contemporary work outside our own collection.

We do try to change the works promptly at the start of each month but sometimes this is not possible for operational reasons and occasionally works are purposely displayed for longer than one month. Please check with our front desk staff (tel. 01481 226518) before making a special journey to see the current work shown on the website - especially around the turn of the month.

For complete annual listings of works in the programme please click the links under Related Pages.

A selection of past Artworks of the Month is shown below.

  • AOM-Feb-2006
  • AOM-Jun-2007
  • AOM-Feb-2008
  • AOM-sept-2009
  • AOM-Feb-2010
  • AOM-February-2011
  • AOM-March-2012
  • AOM-May-2011
  • AOM-Oct-2010
  • AOM-December-2012