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Artwork of the Month - October 2014

AOM October 2014 Tintageu

Tintageu and the Port du Moulin, Sark, 1875

ArtistGertrude Martineau (1840-1924)

MediumWatercolour on paper

Statuspermanent collection 

The watercolourist and woodcarver Gertrude Martineau, along with her younger sister Edith (1842-1909), were members of a small group of female artists associated with the Pre-Raphaelites. Although Gertrude  spend much of her time in London she often visited the family's summer home in Scotland, spending her time there painting as well as teaching art and woodcarving.

Like many artists during the nineteenth century, Gertrude was drawn to Sark's picturesque landscape. Her attention to detail and accurate portrayal of the natural landscape exemplifies the philosophy behind the Pre-Raphaelite Movement.