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Artwork of the Month - November 2014

Artwork of the Month November 2014

"Make your Mark", 2014

Artist:  Kali Prevel, Cherise Mourant, Alice Hunt and Lynda Martin; Lucy Kenwood, Sam Bewey and James Le Tissier; Nick; Pema Pallot.

Medium: various

Status:  loan

This month's Artwork of the Month comprises of four drawings selected from a recent project carried out in the islands' three high schools during the month of October as part of the national campaign for drawing, the 'Big Draw'. 
Local artists Frances Lemmon and Bridget Spinney led three one day Saturday drawing workshops for pupils from each school. The groups were made up of pupils of mixed ages and artistic ability.

 The students were invited to use different materials such as pastel, Indian ink, graphite and pen in experimental and fun ways, using sticks, string, rags and sponges. The pupils were able to explore the mark making properties of the various mediums, initially working from a still life. The students worked individually and also in groups, having to respect and be sympathetic to each other's responses to the subject matter. 
The facilitating artists said they were, "astonished with the maturity of line and composition of the drawings".
Further examples of the pupils work produced during these 'Big Draw' workshops will be shown in February and March's Artwork of the Month in 2015.

The 'Big Draw' workshops were kindly sponsored by the Guernsey Arts Commission. 





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