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2016 April Artwork of the Month

2016 April Artwork of the Month

'Inhabiting Exile' - Hauteville House, Guernsey

Artist: Klavdij Sluban (b.1963)

Medium: vintage silver gelatino-bromure on fyber paper

Status:  Guernsey Photography Festival Residency 2013


This photograph is part of a larger collection of prints by the French Slovenian photographer Klavdij Sluban. The collection entitled, 'Inhabiting Exile' was produced as part of the Guernsey Photography Festival Residency in 2013 based at Hauteville House. The home of the French poet and writer, Victor Hugo (1802-1885), during his exile in Guernsey.


Sluban is attracted to places that offer him a journey of discovery, whether physical or emotional. Sluban explores the space which is still inhabited with the strong presence of this great man. Sluban's work takes us from dark to light, journeying through the house, penetrating the shadows and veiled mysteries present within.