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Useful websites concerned with the heritage of the Bailiwick of Guernsey are listed below. Some also have Facebook pages. Guernsey Museums & Galleries is not responsible for the content of external web sites.

States of Guernsey

Visit Guernsey - for information on attractions, where to stay, dining out and travel links

La Société Guernesaise. Formed in 1882, members follow a wide range of interests from natural sciences to historical studies, conservation and ecology. It also manages a number of nature reserves.

The Guernsey Society. Formed in 1943 by some of Guernsey's wartime exiles to "Promote the welfare of Guernsey and to collaborate in furthering the common interests of the Channel Islands".

The National Trust of Guernsey manages several heritage sites on the island including the Folk & Costume Museum

The Guernsey Tapestry Gallery displays the tapestry created by islanders to mark the Millennium

The Priaulx Library is Guernsey's centre for local studies and family history

Guernsey Arts Commission promotes island art in all its forms and runs theGreenhouse exhibition gallery. re-opening shortly at Guernsey Museum

Channel Island Occupation Society (Guernsey) promotes interest in the German Occupation of the islands 1940-45

Festung Guernsey investigates and restores bunkers and other structures built during the German Occupation of the islands 1940-45

The Channel Islands and the Great War aims to improve the understanding and knowledge of the impact of the Great War on the islands

The Alderney Society supports and encourages the study of all aspects of Alderney's heritage

Alderney's Elizabethan Shipwreck is being investigated, and its objects conserved by the Alderney Maritime Trust

Alderney Wildlife Trust works to preserve that island's natural heritage

La Société Serquaise supports and encourages the study of all aspects of Sark's heritage