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2017 May Artwork of the Month

Victor Hugo (1802-1885), 2017, by Olympia McEwan

Victor Hugo (1802-1885), 2017

Artist:  Olympia McEwan

Medium: Pen and ink

Status:  On loan from the artist

Olympia McEwan is a locally based portrait artist. She graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from Loughborough College of Art & Design and has exhibited locally at the Coach House Gallery, Sausmarez Manor and Art Parks. She is currently an associate lecturer at the Guernsey College of Further Education, working with the Creative+ students.

Olympia describes how she has been drawing portraits all her life;

"I have always been an observer of people. Many a time in conversation I've heard 'I don't know how you paint portraits, that's the toughest subject', but for me it is something I have always done, since childhood. The more you do, the more practiced you become. There is no such thing as innate talent, there's just hard graft and a passion for your subject."

Olympia chose to draw this portrait of Victor Hugo as a homage to this great author, poet and artist:

"Hugo chose Guernsey as his sanctuary and home of exile for fifteen years, which also served as an inspiration to his creativity.  Hugo has always been a giant on the international literary scene, and I can never help but feel humbled by him, his work and his personal link with our island. Such genius and humanity. A shining example to us all."

Olympia is currently working towards a solo exhibition 'The Yellow Chair Project', a series of portraits of local personalities which will be shown at the greenhouse gallery in 2018.  The artist wishes to auction this portrait for charity, proceeds going to Tumaini (helping orphans in Kagera, northwest Tanzania) and Bridge2 (disaster relief and refugee support).  This is a silent auction, so if you would like to make a bid, please ask for a form from the front desk at Candie. The artist will contact the highest bidder at the end of the month.  Bids begin at £150.