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2017 June & July Artwork of the Month

St Sampson's Crane, 2016 by Peter Davies

St Sampson's Crane, 2016

Artist:  Peter Davies

Medium: Linocut

About lino-cutting...

Within art history the art of lino-cutting is a relatively modern form of print making. Linoleum was first used in the late 1800s as a floor covering but it soon caught the eye of artists and printmakers who realised the surface could be carved, similarly to a piece of wood. Linoleum was also much softer and cheaper to work with.

When artists such as Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso started using linoleum in the early 1900s, the art of lino-cutting started to become more respected as a high art medium. The defined strong lines and contrasts produced through Linocuts also appealed to German Expressionists and Russian Constructivists around the same time.

About the Artist...

The artist, writer and art critic Peter Davies visits the island regularly. He searches for forms in Guernsey's landscape that present dynamic relationships. This 'eye' for form, so suited to this method of printmaking, often results in a unique perspective of the island's landscape, revealing the unusual in the familiar.

Davies currently has a one-man show at the Coach House Gallery.