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2018 April Artwork of the Month

Carriages at La Collinette, Sark by Wolfgang Weber

Carriages at La Collinette, Sark

Artist: Wolfgang Weber (born 1936)

Medium:  Charcoal

This charcoal drawing was part of the 'Art for the Love of Sark' exhibition at the Museum in 2012. The exhibition was the culmination of an 'Art for Nature Foundation' residency in Sark the previous year. Sark artist Rosanne Guille had invited artists from the Foundation to document the island's unspoiled nature and beauty and to raise awareness of Sark's fragile ecosystem and its way of life.

Wolfgang Weber is a German wildlife artist who has travelled the world capturing the wildlife he encounters in their natural habitats. Wolfgang's working method often involves walking on foot, just with a sketchbook, rucksack and tent, sleeping out at night.

Although Weber has had dramatic and dangerous encounters on his travels, these are not the most memorable ones for him. He is most inspired by friendly interactions based on knowledge, experience, and affection which do not disturb the animals.