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2018 October Artwork of the Month

Victoria Tower by Kaya Ozard

Victoria Tower by Kaya Ozard - Guernsey Museum Student in Residence 2017

Artist: Kaya Ozard

Medium:  Copper & wire

Over the last few years the Museum has run an Art Student in Residence programme. The intention being that local graduate or undergraduate art students would take on a summer residency, using Guernsey Museum, its collection or historic sites as inspiration for an artwork which would then be accessioned into the collection.

Kaya was studying for a BA in Fine Art at Central St Martins when she took on the residency. Over the summer period Kaya explored various subjects and methods, finally choosing to concentrate on the 19th century architecture of Victoria Tower.  The final piece was a site-specific sculpture created within the tower itself.

Kaya explained the creative process;

'I'm predominantly concerned with how the viewer chooses to interact with the art object presented to them - for this reason the location where artwork is displayed is as important as the artwork. My sculptures are always placed in a highly relevant location that I have responded to, often highlighting and glorifying the 'unseen' or 'unnoticed'.  I will experiment with various materials in order to find a medium that seems most relevant and fitting to a specific location.  It was Victoria Tower's shapes, forms and red Guernsey granite that interested me. It was crucial that the sculpture was created in the response to the building and that it could only be made and ever exist in this particular location'.