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2022: Brick Bailiwick Challenge

Brick Bailiwick foyer display

11 - 30 June 2022

As part of the Brick City exhibition, the Museum launched a Brick Bailiwick Challenge and invited the public to recreate a Bailiwick building in LEGO® bricks. Twenty six models were displayed in the foyer and you can view some below.

From age 2 to 82, thank you to everyone who entered.  Museum staff were overwhelmed by the response and the talent. The challenge was in partnership with IslandFamilies and the buildings recreated included:

* The Little Chapel

* The Weighbridge

* Victoria Tower (6 different models were entered)

* The Fire Station 

* The Japanese Pavilion at Saumarez Park

* Fort Grey (3 different models)

* The Green Hut at Pembroke 

* The Cheshire Home

* A ruined dolmen 

* Castle Cornet (including the noon day gun ceremony)

* The lighthouse beside Castle Cornet

* The Prince Albert Statue

* Sir Charles Frossard House




  • Brick Bailiwick foyer display