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Amazing Creatures - Treasures from our Natural History Collection

Amazing Creatures - Treasures from our Natural History Collection

Being staged in the Brian White Gallery, the exhibition showcases a selection of the most incredible specimens from the Guernsey Museum collection. Featuring creatures from the sea, land and air; the exhibition aims to transport the visitor around the world, providing insights into the lives of each and every animal.

The exhibition will feature both taxidermy specimens and skeletal material as well as plaster and glass models. It invites important questions about the conservation of animal species and how museum collections like this can help inform the future of biodiversity.

The museum foyer will feature a display of remarkable original insect specimens from the museum's entomology collection. The visitor will learn how insects have helped shape human history from religion and mythology to warfare and trade.

Senior Curator, Matt Harvey said:

"This is the first and largest exhibition in over 30 years to celebrate the Museum's incredible Natural History Collection. Visitors will be able to see specimens from across the globe that have been brought back to the island over the past 150 years by collectors, scientists, travellers, merchants, adventurers, tourists and those in military service.

"I'm really excited to be able to share these incredible and fascinating objects with the public".

To compliment the exhibition, photographer Aaron Yeandle has been given unrestricted access to go behind-the-scenes and document the staff who put it together. His work also gives an insight into some of the processes that take place to ensure that an exhibition of this calibre can be opened to the public. His distinctive portraits will be on display outside on the Guernsey Museum Terrace in Candie Gardens.

The exhibition will open daily 26 April - 15 September, 10am - 5pm.