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Artwork of the Month - April 2008


Reclining Tiger

Artist: Elsie Marion Henderson
Medium: Watercolour
Status: Permanent collection
Item No.: GMAG 1980.234

Elsie Marion Henderson (1880-1967)

Elsie Henderson was a sculptor, painter, draughtsman and lithographer. She chiefly depicted wild animals, particularly 'big cats' capturing their elegant and graceful lines with accomplished draftsmanship.

Henderson was born in Eastbourne on 28 May 1880, but spent much of her childhood in Guernsey attending the Girl's School. Her mother being an amateur painter encouraged her to draw, and in 1903 she entered the Slade School of Art, later studying lithography under Ernest Jackson at the Chelsea Polytechnic in 1915.

In 1928 she married Baron de Coudenhove and settled in Guernsey until the death of her husband in 1946, after which she returned to her home county of Sussex.