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Artwork of the Month - August 2012


Arch - Port du Moulin

Artist: Anna Kirk-Smith)
Medium: Mixed media
Status: Loan

Artist's Statement

"A raking light illuminates the arch as a glowing monument. Perhaps a memento mori to our short lives in the grand geological timescale of things. It was a perfect evening, empty apart from the wave-on-cobble sounds and listless cries of the seabirds. I felt very content to be alive just then."

About the Work

This painting by Anna Kirk-Smith is just one of many completed by various artists from the Artists for Nature Foundation while based in Sark. This year the Foundation celebrates its 20th Anniversary. Ysbrand Brouwers the Founder and Director of the Artists for Nature Foundation says that:

"During these twenty years the ANF has used their art to draw attention to the need for nature conservation to be an essential element of sustainable development.
ANF always believes in a positive approach when using the language and power of art to show the beauty and vulnerability of nature. With their shared love of nature and the open air, the artists can be a great inspiration to help local communities rediscover their love for their homelands."

The exhibition, 'Art For the Love of Sark' comprised of over fifty works from the ANF Sark project is on show here at the Museum, from 22nd September to 31st December 2012. A beautifully illustrated book of the same title is also available in the Museum shop.