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Artwork of the Month - February 2014


Guernsey Twilight

Artist: Jackie Simmonds
Medium: Pastel on Paper
Status: Permanent collection
Item No.:GMAG 1997.20

The scene captured in this pastel drawing by Jackie Simmonds is bathed in the gentle glow that appears in the sky at the end of the day. Simmonds comments that she is "inspired by the magical effects of light" and that the immediacy of pastel enables her to, "work fast and capture those glorious light effects".

Simmonds, now an award winning artist, did not start painting until her early thirties, when she decided to attend art school as a mature student in the early 70's. Initially she was accepted for a one-year foundation course, and then went on to do three more years in illustration. Simmonds says one of the reasons she chose Illustration was she preferred the idea of a more structured course, as opposed to the less structured, more experimental nature of many Fine Art Degrees at the time.

Simmonds continues to paint, exploring different themes and techniques, as well as gaining inspiration from Masters of pastel, such as the Impressionist Edgar Degas.