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Artwork of the Month - June 2008


Bridge Café

Artist: Edward J Rowe (b. 1926)
Medium: Oil
Status: Loaned by the artist
Item No.: -

The Artist and his Work

Edward Rowe is a local amateur artist who has painted all his life, he paints the world around him and what interests him. Like all artists he is a great observer of life and his 'Bridge Café', loaned to the Museum for this month, is a good example of this.

Edward has written the following about the work, which conjures up wonderfully the atmosphere of the Café.

All I can say about myself is I am not a proper artist. I just paint things I see that 'bend' my mind. This painting to most folk might look like a simple café. To me it is the hub of an industrial Bridge.

Boat Builders take time out for a coffee and a chat. Elderly folk come in for breakfast and meet friends. Bankers talk about their money in the banks; road sweepers, lorry drivers, men who dig holes in the road, even policemen call in sometimes.

It's not a high class place, you get what you see. I find it nice to just sit there, listen and sketch.