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Ethnographic Collection


As a sea-faring people Guernsey and its Bailiwick has bred numerous men and women over the centuries who have travelled around the globe both as merchants and with the British Navy.

Many men also served in English Line Regiments in far-flung corners of the British Empire. These men and women brought back mementoes which have, over the subsequent years, found their way into the Guernsey Museum collections.

During the Victorian period the growth of travel and exploration as a hobby prompted several notable Guernseymen to undertake extensive tours around the world. The combination of these travels has brought together items from places including the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, India, Japan, China, Africa and the Americas as well as numerous other locations. Many returned with fascinating and intriguing objects which now reside in the Guernsey Museum collection. These ethnographic items comprise leather goods, ceramics, metal-wares, wooden carvings, tools, weapons, burial goods and a multitude of other items both large and small.

The Ethnographic Collection is an incredible assemblage of objects from cultures around the world.

  • bullock-cart-model
  • bronze-fluteplayer
  • ethno-carved-Jap-figure
  • Ethno-ming-tile
  • ethno-studded-bowl
  • ethno-lidded-gourd
  • ethno-bottle-gourd
  • ethno-gourd