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Loan Boxes

Hands-on with artefacts

The Museum's handling collection contains over 1,500 objects which range from replica Tudor hand grenades to Victorian chamber pots and 1960s miniskirts. Whatever the theme, objects can help bring a project to life.

The Museum's loan boxes can be made to order and where possible, the contents are chosen to fit around your requirements. The most popular themes for boxes are:

  • Toys 
  • Victorians 
  • Edwardian 
  • Tudor 
  • Roman
  • Seaside 
  • Castles 
  • Homes Long Ago 
  • 50s/60s/70s 
  • Holidays 
  • WW2/Occupation 
  • Fashion 
  • What Is It? (ambiguous objects from the handling collection)

Please contact us through the main museum number on the 'Contacts' page if you are looking for a different theme because we might have the right objects for you. The Boxes are usually lent out for half a term but get in touch if you would like to keep one longer.