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  • Medieval Buildings

Medieval Buildings

Lihou Priory

Lihou Priory

The Benedictine Priory on Lihou Island was founded in the 12th century. The church was highly decorated with carved limestone, painted window glass and a floor of yellow and green glazed tiles. Burials in the cemetery and church have been dated to c.1250. Many fine objects have been found indicating the high status of the Priory. The priory is now in ruins but the outline of the buildings can clearly be seen. View site information sign...

Address: Lihou Island View map...
Only accessible at very low tide via a tidal causeway, check the local press and radio for access times.
Perry's Guide: 12B1
Parking: Public car park at L'Eree headland.
Bus Routes: 91, 111

Ste Apollines Chapel

This is a rare example of a 14th century chantry chapel, which survives in largely its original form. The chapel was built around 1390. It is one of only two known sites with surviving medieval wall paintings in Guernsey. An ecumenical church service is held in the chapel each week. View site information sign...

PLEASE NOTE:  The Chapel is closed from 26 October 2021 for emergency repairs.

Address: La Grande Rue, St Saviours. View map...
Perry's Guide: 13E5
Parking: Limited parking at the chapel.
Bus Routes: 91, 111

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