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Pop in Poetry, Big Geekend 2015

Poet Adam Clayton facilitating the Pop in Poetry workshop

How might it feel to dive into a painting? How would it look, sound, taste, feel and smell? Thinking about our 5 senses, we were inspired by the Museum's art collection and wrote poems. Thank you to all our participants. Here are the poems made during the workshop:



An eerie, damp, dark fortress lurking over the dark sea

The deafening screech of the gun lurked over the land below

A bitter taste of smoke covered the land

As quick s a flash all you could see was velvet grey

By Adam, aged 8


You can hear the waves crashing on the ship

It tastes salty and bitter

It feels cold

You can smell the salt in the waves

By Harry, aged 8


A picturesque view from the ledge of the hill, calling you to look at it

Flowers blooming at your feet in different shades of pink, purple and blue

The hissing of the otter trying to keep off his predators

The chirping of the birds, singing to each other

A taste of a feast, for an otter, of fish and blackberries

The soft muddy ground underneath your feet

Prickles against your hand as you pick the blackberries, the sweet taste exploding in your mouth

The silky fur of an otter at your fingertips as you bend down to touch him

The crisp air stroking your face

The winter smell of pine needles fills your nostrils

This is the perfect scene of a painting

By Sofia Lockwood, 11


I see the salty water and rocks at the bottom

I hear the small rocks falling in the water

Taste the salty air

I feel the smooth rocks

I smell the sea air

By Dylan, aged 7


Richly decorated lady

A mass of vanity and lace

A life of privileged indifference

Plain to see upon your face

By contrast a child no more than eight

Wears resignation beyond his years

Nothing instore but servitude

Too sad for even childish tears

The lady pets a bird in hand

A symbol of freedom now curtailed

One day Wilberforce would win

Where many men before had failed

By Grant, aged 40


A bull and a daddy

The wind and the bull snorting

Hot and sweaty bull breath

Soft fur

Cow poo, farmyard and grass

By Kaitlyn, aged 6


Exciting and green, it has life!

I would hear a racket

It tastes fruity

The tree would feel rough and the leaves would feel smooth

It smells like a jungle and animals are everywhere

By D'Arcy, aged 7


A slippery snake

The aye aye with his browny black haunting eyes

A monkey screeching

Birds flapping their wings

Wow look at the amazing colours!

The tree is rough

Strong perfume of flowers and the smelly monkeys

By Emma, aged 4, & Mummy


Wet girl is sitting on a rock by a Venus Pool with wet spray on her, and hot sunlight, and hot blue sky.

By Yolanda, aged 6


I like his eyes

A deep voice

Heavy coat

He smells of pipe smoke

By M-a-saurus, aged 6



Craggy rocks

Rippling water crystal clear

Movement of water

Icy cold

Salty seaweed

By Sea-a-saurus


Full of colours, bright, lively, awake

Flapping and squawking of birds

Lively calls of baboons

Fizzy and hot

Rough texture of the bark

By Will, aged 10


I can see the flowers and I like the otter.  It's very dark.

I would hear the wind rustling.  I might hear gulping sounds and crunching.

I could have tasted the pollen.

Soft fur on the offer and sharp teeth.  I could feel a slimy fish.

I could smell the fish and the lovely flowers.

By Lily, aged 7