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Royal Guernsey Militia Regimental Museum


Guernsey has been in the front line of England's many wars. Follow the story of how the islanders helped defend their home against invaders in this fresh new museum.

It features the development and history of the Royal Guernsey Militia up to the formation of the RGLI, when the story continues downstairs.

The Militia is first mentioned in 1331 but it is thought that even before this date, ordinary men of the island had formed an armed body to defend Guernsey. During the French invasion of 1372 the militia were badly mauled and their only other active service was during the siege of Castle Cornet. For the rest of its 600 year history, the militiamen (and sometimes their wives) quietly guarded the island against all comers.

The Museum is housed on upper floor of what was the Hospital building, which was carefully refurbished as part of the project. Uniforms, weapons, standards, medals and trophies of the militia were cleaned and conserved for this new gallery. Objects include Russian muskets put back to use after the Crimean war and the parade blanket of the militia's donkey mascot.

The Museum was officially opened by Guernsey's Lieutenant-Governor, Air Marshal Peter Walker CB, CBE, in May 2011.