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Telephone Collection


The Guernsey Telephone Museum's quirky collection captured the evolution of telephone design and the history of telecommunications within the Bailiwick.

Despite the closure of the Guernsey Telephone Museum the telephone collection has for the most part been retained by the Museum service in its Reserve Collections. The material encompasses the beginnings of Electric Telegraphy communication locally in 1858 and the introduction of a States Telephone Department in 1898. The collection features examples of some of the earliest telephones used on the island and chronicles the development of communication right up to the present day. It includes numerous examples of practically all means of data transmission used on Guernsey. The collection also features a photographic archive detailing the history of telephony on the island as well as an archive of documents and early local Telephone Directories.

  • Helicopter Telephone
  • Gold and Black Telephone
  • Snoopy Telephone
  • Old-Fashioned Telephone