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Folklore Gallery


Guernsey Folklore - Old Tales and Ancient Beliefs from the Island's Past

Opened in 2017 this gallery is now a permanent part of the exhibitions at Guernsey Museum at Candie.

The colourful and engaging displays include sections on superstition, folklore remedies, ancient books of magic, the supernatural world, religion and witchcraft on the island as well as places of ancient significance.

Visitors can view a recreated early 19th century Guernsey west-coast cottage. The old lady who lives inside narrates local folklore stories and tales of the supernatural. As she speaks her tales are brought to life around her.

There is a section in the gallery that focuses on local accounts of ghosts and hauntings. Curator Matt. Harvey said...."We are encouraging visitors to contact the Museum with their own paranormal experiences - old or new. The intention is that we will update the tales in the gallery with new reports as people come forward".

The Folklore gallery also reveals some of the animals in the island's ancient past to which Guernsey people afforded particular supernatural significance.

The end of the gallery highlights some of the similarities between local beliefs in the afterlife and that of the Ancient Egyptians. Some amazing objects from the Museum's Egyptology Collection are on display.

Throughout the whole gallery the folklore tales and beliefs have been brought to vibrant life by the amazing illustrations of noted fantasy artist David Wyatt. David has undertaken pencil as well as full-colour illustrations for practically every element of the gallery.

The figures in the Guernsey cottage scene have been created by H and H Sculptors Ltd., a company highly regarded in the field of museums and visitor attractions for their brilliant work.

Visitors can also enjoy the local Guernésiais language. A section of the gallery has been dedicated to preserving the island 'tongue'. People can sit and listen to phrases, sayings and poems in the local language. The tales in the old lady's cottage can also be heard in Guernésiais.


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