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Magazines were built to store barrels of black powder for the cannons, usually on or close to gun batteries or forts.

The magazines would have had timber floors, raised above ground level to allow ventilation and prevent the powder from getting damp. Two layers of boards prevented gunpowder from falling between the joints. Wooden dowels were used instead of nails to fix the boards in place to eliminate the risk of sparks. All the tools and accessories for servicing the guns during action would have also been stored in the magazines.

Cobo Magazine

This magazine served what was Cobo south battery, the site of which now lies under the main coast road.

Address: Rue D'Albecq, Castel
Perry's Guide: 13H1
Parking: Public car park at Cobo.
Bus Routes: 42, 91, 111

Grande Mare Magazine

This magazine served Vazon Bay Battery, now destroyed. A German observation platform has been added to the building.

Address: Vazon Road, Castel.
Perry's Guide: 14B3
Parking: Public car park opposite at Vazon Bay.
Bus Routes: 41, 91, 111

Les Sommeilleuses Magazine

Standing on top of the cliffs, west of Petit Bôt it is associated with the Les Sommeilleuses watch house which had one 9 ponder gun, probably for signals of alarm.

Address: Accessible via Rue des Fontenelles, Forest.
Perry's Guide: 29E5
Parking: Parking is possible in the track leading to the cliff path. Please do not block access.
Bus Routes: 11, 91

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