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Where can I go to find out about fairies, superstitions and remedies?

Here is a great start!  If you are in Guernsey, we highly recommend a visit to the Folklore Gallery at Guernsey Museum.  

The book 'Folklore of Guernsey' by Marie de Garis is the most comprehensive and accessible book about Guernsey folklore. It is not specifically aimed at children but is a good starting point for adults. 


Where can I find some Guernsey Folklore stories?

Please find some to download and read below.  They are:

1 The Fairies' Bat

2 Pierre Dumont & Le Ptit Colin

3 De Garis Family & the Pouques

4 Fairy Changeling Baby

5 La Coin de la Biche

6 Madame Mahy & the Cat

7 Spirits of the Long Dead - the Conger Eel

8 The Devil's Hoofprint

9 The Fairies' Gallows

10 The Fairy Invasion of Guernsey

11 The Witch's Story

12 The Pouque Bakers

13 West Coast Wizard

14 The Guernsey Lily