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Artwork of the Month - December 2006


Kitten Labelle in NYC

Artist: 'Stor'
Medium: Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas
Status: Loaned by the artist (with accompanying text)
Item No.: -

Artist's Statement

The artist has created the following text in order to emphasise the fantasy elements within his work.

Drawn to the exotic and forbidden, Stor, who is one of the finest painters to ever live, conjures up a scene of an acid induced fantasy New York City . The sensual exuberance of the woman, his muse Kitten Labelle, who is, to quote Prince "the most beautiful girl in the world", is juxtaposed with the harsh acid tinged landscape of NYC. The starting point for this painting was a recent trip to NYC that was made by some of the members the Readerswives Collective. Whilst in NYC the Readerswives consumed vast amounts of alcohol and narcotics (more than anybody in Guernsey could consume) they then proceeded to act like pretentious super models. It wasn't long before a camera came out to document the nakedness that ensued. This painting is based on some of those photographs. Stor has captured the vibrant excitement of this sordid night of depravity by using pretty and bright colours. This painting should enrapture the viewer and give them a warm feeling in their special place.

On deeper inspection a much seedier darker side is represented within this painting in the face of a Storm Trooper, an image stolen from George Lucas' classic film Star Wars. The Storm Trooper represents the 'dark side' and can be seen as a modern day symbol of death in much the same way as the skull in Hans Holbein's 'The Ambassadors'. On the lower right hand side of the canvas we can also see another frivolous example of symbolism that is so prevalent within the paintings of Stor. A grey headless suited man raises one arm to get the attention of the viewer but is hastily rubbed out before the paint has a chance to dry, this can be seen as a subtle reminder that this holiday may not last forever.

Stor is a locally born painter and founding member of the elusive Readerswives Collective, he is also the curator of 'My Paint Tin Weighs a Ton' an exhibition of graffiti/street art which is currently running at the greenhouse space at the Guernsey Information Centre. Stor is regarded as one of the most important post war British painters; his technical skill is far superior then everybody else.

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