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Timewarp 2020: The Code Room

Timewarp 2020: The Code Room

On now and finishes 31 December 2020

Step into the Timewarp inspired by Bletchley Park, the centre of Allied code-breaking during the Second World War.

Visitors to Candie can pick up a secret message at reception and then use our unique Candie Enigma Machine to solve it. 

Explore other codes from history too, including the ancient Scytale, Caesar's Code, mirror writing and Hieroglyphics.

For more information on this Timewarp, please download one of our guides (at the end of this page).

Here is some information about the Timewarp in general:

The Timewarp is a small room located at Guernsey Museum in Candie Gardens.  It is part of the Discovery Room (the hands-on area of the Museum, complete with activities, games and dressing up). 

There is no extra charge for visiting the Timewarp: it is part of the Museum and normal admission and opening hours apply. 

Every January the Timewarp changes. Previous Timewarps have been:

The sitting room from Ebenezer Le Page (2011)

A cabin from RMS Titanic (2012)

1960s teenager's bedroom (2013)

The cave from Toilers of the Sea - complete with octopus (2014)

Celtic roundhouse (2015)

Mir Space Station (2016)

We like to tie Timewarps in with special anniversaries and events.  If you have an idea for a future Timewarp, please get in touch via  

  • Timewarp 2020: The Code Room
  • Timewarp 2020: The Code Room

Document downloads

- Code Room guide