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The Discovery Room

Time Warp (Titanic)

Take part in hands-on activities suitable for all ages in our bright and inspiring Discovery Room.

The Discovery Room also has a role-play area called The Timewarp.  The theme is changed every January and the team strive to make it accessible and interesting for visitors of all ages, but especially children (and children at heart). 

What's new in the Discovery Room?

Every year the Timewarp is changed to a different time period.  Here are the experiences created since 2011:

2011:  Sitting room from the Guernsey novel Ebenezer Le Page, linked to the Guernsey Literary Festival

2012:  Second class cabin from RMS Titanic', marking the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the great ocean liner

2013:  Teenager's bedroom from the mid 1960s, marking 50 years since The Beatles performed at Candie

2014:  Cave from the Guernsey-based novel Toilers of the Sea by Victor Hugo, marking 100 years of the Victor Hugo statue in Candie Gardens

2015: An Iron Age Roundhouse to tie in with our main Exhibition of Celts & Romans: Treasure & Trade

2016: Mir Space Station (30 years since the Soviet space station was launched)

2017: Ancient Egypt 

2018: Cretaceous Park (25 years since the release of Jurassic Park)

2019: A 1970s toy shop, in the spirit of the Guernsey toy shop Baker's Bazaar

2020:  The Code Room, inspired by Bletchley Park

2021:  The Viking Ship, to tie-in with the main exhibition of the year

2022:  The Wonder Room (200 years since the birth of archaeology artist Mary Ann Lukis)

2023: A Picnic With Renoir (140 years since the visit of Impressionist artist Pierre-August Renoir)


What happened before 2011?   The Timewarp didn't exist.  The new Discovery Room was the first stage in the recent refurbishment of Guernsey Museum.  (Nostalgia, eh?  Not what it used to be).

  • Velociraptor model in the Timewarp, handmade by Mark & Amanda Cook
  • Ancient Egyptian Timewarp, 2017
  • Timewarp 2019: in the spirit of Baker's Bazaar
  • Timewarp 2020: The Code Room