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Artwork of the Month - December 2013


Walking in the Snow

Artist: Charlie Buchanan
Medium: Watercolour and Indian Ink on Paper
Status: Loaned by the artist

An original artwork from the publication The Soul of the Sea, by Magnus and Charlie Buchanan

The Artist and her Work

"I am an artist and teacher living and working in Guernsey. I studied Fine Art at University College, Falmouth and have exhibited in the UK, Spain and Guernsey.

My work comprises of large scale watercolour and Indian ink paintings striking a balance between Fine Art and Illustration. Victorian illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, with their storytelling and lyrical use of colour have had a strong influence on my work.

My illustrations for The Soul of the Sea were particularly influenced by William John Caparne's large scale and almost abstract watercolour paintings of Guernsey (available to view in the Museum's Rona Cole Art Gallery).

Guernsey's stories and folklore continue to inspire my work and as with this book, I continue to work in collaboration with my husband, Magnus."

The Soul of the Sea

Walking in the Snow is an image from The Soul of the Sea: A tribute to Victor Hugo's Toilers of the Sea. This illustrated, limited edition book tells the story of Victor Hugo's great Guernsey epic in the form of a ballad poem.

Walking in the Snow opens the story as the beautiful Deruchette walks home through the snow on Christmas morning, behind her walks the tragic hero Gilliat. As Deruchette bends down in the snow to flirtatiously write his name, he falls in love with her and the scene is set for the epic adventure that ensues.