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Artwork of the Month - May 2011


Four Watercolour Drawings for the Guernsey Sketchbook - Scallop Shells (illustrated); Gorse; Bluebell Wood; Le Longue

Artist: Valerie Baines
Medium: Watercolour
Status: Permanent collection
Item No.: GMAG 2011.80.51

Guernsey Sketchbook

These four watercolours by Valerie Baines (only one of which is shown here) are just a fraction of those illustrated in her recently published Guernsey Sketchbook. Valerie Baines has visited the island for over 40 years, painting the views and subjects which captivated her.

She has captured stunning coastal views, secluded coastal paths and beautifully observed details such as flowers and butterflies in 76 watercolour illustrations, which the artist has gifted to the Museum. The illustrations are also accompanied by snippets of text which consist of personal memories of Baines' trips to Guernsey

About the Artist

This well recognised artist and illustrator, whose paintings have been exhibited worldwide, is a fellow of the Linnean Society and former Vice President of the Society of Botanical Artists.

The Museum is delighted to have the opportunity to display part of the Baines collection as this month's Artwork of the Month.

Guernsey Sketchbook is now available in the Museum shop.