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2022: The People's Collection

GMAG 2004.19 oil on canvas; Portrait of Marie, with Violets in her Hair, by Marion Saumarez (1885-1978), around 1900. Courtesy of Guernsey Museums & Galleries.

6 August - 12 October 2022

This exhibition celebrated the island's art collections cared for by Guernsey Museums & Galleries.

The collections established by F.C. Lukis, Thomas Guille and Frederick Allès of the Guille-Allès Museum and William Wilfred Carey were combined to create the Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery in 1978. The Museum continues to collect artworks that tell the story of Guernsey and connect people with the Bailiwick's unique environment and history.

Visitors had the chance to meet some of the personalities, explore familiar places from a different perspective and witness important local events. 

All the images featured on this page are courtesy of Guernsey Museums & Galleries apart from the Lion Rock painting by Miles.  This is courtesy of the Guille-Allès Collection.

  • Portrait of the Dame of Sark's daughter, Jehanne, dressed in Sark Militia uniform, by Arthur Bradbury (1892-1977); oil on canvas.
  • GML 1996.8 oil painting, 'Lion Rock, Guernsey' by Thomas Rose Miles (1844-1916), courtesy of the Guille-Allès Collection.
  • GMAG 3802 watercolour; La Varde dolmen, L'Ancresse during excavation, by a member of the Lukis family, around 1840. Courtesy of Guernsey Museums & Galleries.
  • GMAG 1978.1 watercolour; Seaweed Gatherers on the Coast of Guernsey, by Paul Jacob Naftel (1817-1891), 1859. Courtesy of Guernsey Museums & Galleries.