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GU 75 St. Peter Port

This collection includes naval, mercantile and civilian objects, from shipwright's tools and half-ship models to navigational instruments.

Fishing, passenger vessels, trade and merchant shipping, the Royal Navy, privateering and smuggling are all represented by numerous objects. The largest item on public display from this collection is a late 19th Century wooden hand-cranked jib crane from the quayside of St. Peter Port harbour. This and many other items are on public display in the Maritime Museum at Castle Cornet. In addition, there is a large collection of items on display in Fort Grey Shipwreck Museum which have been retrieved from ships lost to the seabed. Aside from those items on public display a considerable amount of material is also retained in the Reserve Collections.

We also have a collection of models related to maritime activities.

  • William Le Lacheur (ship photo)
  • William Le Lacheur (model)