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Textiles and Costume


Costume Collection

The Museum's collection is comprised mainly of military uniforms. These are predominantly of the Guernsey Militia, with some examples from English Regiment as well as Royal Air Force uniforms. WWII German and British service uniforms plus equipment and accoutrements for the 19th and 20th Century uniforms are also held.

The collection includes some civilian clothing, including examples of dress worn by Guernsey men, women and children during the Victorian period. Some ethnographic clothing items are also held. Uniforms feature heavily in the Royal Guernsey Militia Regimental Museum and Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Regimental Museum displays. However, many more examples are retained in the Reserve Collections.

Textiles Collection

A variety of textile-based objects can also be found in the Museum's collections. Maritime flags, ensigns and Regimental Colours (Guernsey Militia ) ranging from the late 18th Century to the 20th Century feature heavily. Some WWII German Occupation material is also held.

  • militia-kings-colour
  • Militia-queens-colour
  • militia-regt-colour
  • Militia-art-col-sgt-tailcoat-f
  • Militia-art-col-sgt-tailcoat-side
  • Militia-bandsman-tunic-2b
  • militia-bandsman-tunic-2f
  • Militia-art-off-dress-tunic
  • Militia-bandsmans-tunic-1b
  • Militia-bandsmans-tunic-1f