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Object Loans

Guernsey Museums & Galleries responsibly lends material from its collections for the following reasons:


 To make the collections more widely accessible, both physically and intellectually.

 To enhance the reputation of the Museum and its good standing locally, nationally and internationally.

 To further knowledge, understanding and scholarship relating to the objects in its care.

 To increase co-operation with other museums and galleries by the exchange of material and exhibitions.


Initial requests for loans should be made in writing in advance detailing:

 Details of requested objects

 Full contact details for borrower (name, address, tel. and email)

 Name and status of individual making request

 Purpose of loan

 Proposed dates of loan

 If intended for exhibition, description of exhibition and venue


Every request to borrow an object/s is considered on its own merit and the decision to accept or refuse the request may be subject to the following guidelines:

             Loans will not be made to private individuals

            The absolute importance of the object to the loan

            The condition and stability of the object

            The resources available within the Museum to administer the loan and the notice period

            A notice period of 3 months is preferred or 6 months for international loans.  This is to allow sufficient time for the request to be fully considered; for necessary conservation treatment and preparation to be carried out; and to accommodate other loan commitments and the Museum's own needs.

            Key objects which may form part of the Museum's permanent displays will not normally be considered for loan

            Whether the request would conflict with the Museum's own display plans or detract from the intellectual coherence of an existing display

            Security and environmental considerations

            Ethical considerations

            Agreed loans are for a maximum period of 5 years, at which time they will be subject to review with an option to terminate or extend the loan by mutual agreement.  Material will not be loaned for unspecified periods and, in particular, the use of the term 'Permanent Loan' is unacceptable as it does not comply with accepted Museum standards

            If GMAG has not previously lent to a venue or institution, it may ask for a completed UK Registrars' Group Standard Facilities Report (a questionnaire aimed at identifying potential problems in lending certain types of objects to a prospective borrower, and encouraging discussion of possible solutions).

            GMAG may also request independent security reviews of prospective venues.


All loans will be made subject to a signed loan agreement; please note that the borrower may be required to pay for costs associated with the loan (such as packing, transport, customs clearance, etc.).


Please send all loan requests to with the subject as 'Loan Request'.