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2.6 Billion - 10,000 BCE

10,000 BCE - 100 CE 

100 CE - 500 CE 

500 CE - 1100 CE

1200 CE - 1300 CE

1400 CE - 1500 CE

1600 CE

1700 CE

1800 CE

1900 CE

Guernsey & World History Timeline (36 pages)


Guernsey History


Guernsey becomes an Island - When did Guernsey become an island?


Wot! No dinosaurs?


Guernsey's first people


Stone Age


Iron Age


Romans in Guernsey

Medieval Period (1066-1485) 

Tudors (1485-1603)

Victorians (1837-1901)

Guernsey & Titanic


WWII/The Occupation

Famous People Index


Guernsey Industry

Guernsey's language - Guernesiais


The Guernsey Flag


Black History 


Guernsey Folklore

The De Garis Family and the Pouques

Pierre Dumont and Le P'tit Colin

The Fairies Bat

The Fairies' Gallows

The Devil's Hoofprint English

Spirits of the Long Dead - The Conger Eel

The Fairy Changeling Baby 

The West Coast Wizard

The Pouque Bakers

The Witch's Story

The Fairy Invasion of Guernsey

La Coin de la Biche

Madame Mahy & the Cat

The Story of the Guernsey Lily

Historic Sites

Historic Sites Map - Discover our island Dolmens, Castles and Towers!


Site Sign - St. Apolline's Chapel


Site Sign - Lihou Priory


Guernsey Houses

10 Guernsey Houses



La Varde

Site Sign La Varde

Le Déhus

Site Sign Le Déhus

Les Fouaillages

Site Sign - Les Fouillages


    Museums Information (Trails and Quizzes)

    Guernsey Museum at Candie


    Fort Grey



    Castle Cornet

    Castle Routes - discover new ways to explore the castle!



    The Museum Collections

    Guernsey Museum Research 

    Discover the ongoing research performed by the Guernsey Museum staff and colleagues.

    Useful Links

    Priaulx Library

    La Société Guernesiaise


    The Island Archives Service

    Frank Falla archive 

    On this day in Guernsey

    On this day in Guernsey - Guernsey History | Guernsey History

    Art UK 

    Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery | Art UK